That 1 Makeup Guy

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Raised in the northwest with some formal training and lots of makeup classes and workshops under my makeup belt. 
"I love being a makeup artist. It never gets boring. Every person I come into contact with has a story, every look is an adventure." 
"I have always been a creative person and have always enjoyed working with people". 
My makeup career really took off when my family believed in me enough to get me my first makeup case and brush set. Knowing that my family believed in  gave me the courage to move forward. Armed with the tools of the trade and a little push from my friends I started a new chapter in my life. 
Since then, I have worked with some amazing photographers, performers and artists. I have
traveled the west coast training and learning as much as I can about the art of makeup. Being surrounded by so much amazing tallent has lead me to keep growing as an artist. It only seemed natural that I would challenge myself to create the whole look. The face, the body and that hair!

As a makeup artist and costumer I hope to be known for a wide range of talents and skills.

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